“At Beaver, we are fortunate to have the same caliber of talent and commitment on our campaign leadership team as we have in our teachers and students, and on our Board of Trustees. We are thrilled to introduce the four individuals partnering with us to lead The Future is Here Campaign.”

– Tomas Bergstrand P’19, ’21, President, Board of Trustees & Peter Hutton, Head of School
(pictured above)

Randi Cutler P'18, Campaign Co-Chair

If it takes a village to succeed, then we're incredibly fortunate to have a powerful one here at Beaver. The dedicated parents putting in their time and energy to working on the Campaign and Annual Fund are amazing. They recognize that what we're doing is game changing and are guiding us through with determination, ambition and positive energy. I'm really proud to be a part of that.

William R. O'Reilly, Jr. P'09, Campaign Co-Chair

Beaver is going to celebrate its 100th birthday in 2020. When future generations celebrate Beaver’s 150th and 200th birthdays, I want them to know that with “The Future is Here” campaign, we began a marathon journey of building the school’s permanent endowment. By building endowment, our current Beaver community will help ensure that Beaver remains strong and healthy in the long term, and inspire future leaders to do the same.

Josh + Carolyn Kraft P'16, '18, Annual Fund Co-Chairs

Through the years, we have seen the Annual Fund double in size and - of particular importance to us - broaden in participation. We believe that Beaver is a family, a school unique in its celebration of every gift, small or large. Every gift matters. In fact, many members of the community will participate in the Campaign exclusively through the Annual Fund, and that's exciting to us.

We would like every one of our Beaver community members to be leaders in this campaign. Success will take each of us – to the best of our ability – to come together for The Future is Here.

Your support will make an indelible mark on our campaign and we would be grateful to count you among us.