Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is an effort by the entire community to support the people and programs that make Beaver an extraordinary place.

Contributing to 7% of Beaver’s operating budget, the Annual Fund enables us to provide financial aid; recruit and retain the best faculty; and be nimble and innovative with our programming. It supports initiatives like NuVu, the coded curriculum, and our Middle School music program.

Over the life of the Campaign, all gifts to the Annual Fund will count toward our goal.


  • We are proud of our community participation. 90% of our current parents contribute, 99% of faculty and staff, and this year, the Class of 2018 reached 90% in their effort to encourage their classmates to give their first gift.
  • Since 2006, the Annual Fund has nearly tripled.
  • The Annual Fund directly supports innovation as one of our top priorities. Flexible funds allow us to act on our best ideas – the ones we haven’t thought of yet.
  • 25% of our students receive financial aid.
  • Faculty benefit from professional development opportunities and salaries in the top 5% of independent schools in New England.