R+D Center

(A) New third level; 10 classrooms (F) Curated collection of books and materials
(B) Independent & collaborative work zones; “Genius desk” (G) Relocated admission space
(C) Digital Lab and Design Workshop (H) Open Art Gallery
(D) Collaborative critique space (I) Bridge and presentation space
(E) Audio & video recording studios (J) Accessible courtyard

At Beaver, we are committed to unlearning what we thought we knew in order to develop new and innovative ways to tackle a problem. We are continuously asking ourselves, “Are we giving every teacher and student the ideas, tools, and space to learn and explore in a way that brings out their very best?”

The R+D (Research + Design) Center will be an integral part of this connected learning environment – providing our students access to resources that will foster and support in-depth research and innovation from 6th to 12th grade. This facility has the capacity to shape and reshape teaching and learning.

Located at the site of our existing library, the R+D Center will extend Beaver’s footprint, and it will open up what have been disjointed spaces. It will create new traffic patterns to get around the building, build out three floors of community and flexible-learning spaces, and offer greater connection and inspiration between teachers, kids, and administrators.

Our goal is to raise $15 million to make the R+D Center happen.


  • New Entry experience: A reconfigured foyer outside Bradley Hall will house an open art gallery with views to a newly accessible courtyard. A new bridge – with built-in presentation spaces and a rotating collection of curated books – will provide direct access to the entrance of the R+D Center’s Main Level.
  • Main level (Research): This level will have individual and collaborative workspaces, research materials and resources, conference rooms, and presentation spaces.
  • Lower level (Design): A design and engineering workshop accessible to the entire Beaver community, this level will be outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, audio/video recording studios, and access to expert faculty and staff resources.
  • New third floor level (Classrooms): Additional spaces with flexible furnishings to accommodate multiple configurations and replace aging classrooms behind Bradley Hall.


22,379 square feet of new construction (Level 3 and Expanded Footprint)

15,711 square feet of renovated space (Main Building and Library/Workshop)

38,090 square feet Total R+D Center

Architect: NADAAA

Partners: Steelcase

The doors to the R+D Center will open in September 2017.