"At Beaver, our goal is to unlock the potential - and unleash the genius - of each and every one of our students. This philosophy is the core of our work and of this ambitious campaign. "
- Peter Hutton, Head of School
Watch the video above to see how genius is unleashed at Beaver.

Education Week referred to Beaver as an “outlier in the independent school world.”

This makes us proud.

We are a school where faculty are constantly gauging, challenging, and expanding our student’s mental flexibility. We look at how well they think on the fly, how they turn a topic around in their minds, how they draw connections between disparate pieces of information, how they make sense of contradictory viewpoints, how they work together, and how they solve problems.  

We want the way we teach and learn at Beaver to be wholly evident every day, in every space, in every action. We not only have the drive, we have a responsibility to expand the very nature of school for students and teachers.

Our campaign – The Future is Here – launched from this commitment. Our Board of Trustees, teachers, and students have participated in a multi-year planning process, helping define where we want to be and what we need to provide for an environment that brings out the very best: every moment, every day for every individual at Beaver.  

They are excited, we are excited, and we want you to get excited with us.  

Let’s make it happen.